Monday, August 23, 2010

Street Punk Vs. Street Style

Angry, Young and...Rich?

Punk’s not dead, I know, I know. But punk fashion sure is. Punk style has hit the mainstream so hard that Forever21 is selling pre-studded punk-rock-ready-to-wear. Teeny boppers are the one’s buying the studded jackets found in thrift stores that someone sold in exchange for an illegal substance, and a style that once represented an anti-fashion aggressive youth movement has been adopted by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen.

Selling out subcultures is a major downfall of any fashion house when it’s taken this literally. Using a genre as inspiration is natural, knocking off designs from a street punk is ridiculous. Now we’re seeing fashionistas running around in $800 leather jackets, with strategically dyed acid wash jeans. I’d hate to see what happens if these rich kids run into street kids at a party caught wearing the same outfit! Or would I love it?

 So if you’re in need of fashion advice, don’t just peruse the fresh Fall Catalogues from H&MUrban Outfitters and Forever21…just type a quick “gutter punk” into your Google bar and you’ll have all the fall inspiration you need.

which is which?
no, seriously?

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