Friday, August 27, 2010

Uptown & Downtown

Mario Testino's latest editorial shoot for V Magazine. From Bergdorf's to the Bowery New Yorkers write their own rules of style, then turn around and break them all. Styling by Sarajane Hoare

From left: Freja wears Vest, skirt, necklace Lanvin Customized gloves Carolina Amato Tights (worn throughout) Falke Boots (worn throughout) Robert Clergerie Anna wears Jacket and belt Altuzarra Bracelet Lanvin Tights (worn throughout) Falke Boots (worn throughout)  Robert Clergerie
Left: Freja wears Top Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Necklaces Lynn Ban Ring Patricia von Musulin Customized gloves Carolina Amato Right: Carmen wears Skirt and top Donna Karan New York Gloves LaCrasia Shoes Brian Atwood Tulle netting from Sposabella Lace
Anna wears Coat and belt Lanvin Customized gloves Carolina Amato
Left: Freja wears Dress Gucci Belt Stella McCartney Large ring (her right) Lynn Ban Rings (her left) Patricia von Musulin Customized gloves Carolina Amato Right: Sasha wears Jacket, bustier, skirt Louis Vuitton Tulle netting from Sposabella Lace
Left: Carmen wears Bustier and skirt Nina Ricci Gloves LaCrasia Tulle netting from Mood Fabrics Right: Carmen wears Dress and jacket Haider Ackermann Shoes Manolo Blahnik Tulle netting from Sposabella Lace
Left: Sasha wears Bodysuit Dolce & Gabbana Gloves LaCrasia Tulle netting from Sposabella Lace Right: Anna wears Vest Ann Demeulemeester
Left: Freja wears Coat Michael Kors Belt Céline Necklace Alexis Bittar Customized gloves Carolina Amato Right: Sasha wears Dress Oscar de la Renta Gloves LaCrasia Tulle netting from Mood Fabrics
Anna wears Top Céline Ring Lynn Ban Customized gloves Carolina Amato Freja wears Jacket Céline Necklaces Lynn Ban Customized gloves Carolina Amato Briefs Spanx

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If Loving Fashion's a Crime, I Plead Guilty

WARNING: Not for the skweemish. 

Those of you familiar with Melanie Pullen's photography, I wanted to bring a little flash back to her genius. For those not familiar, you're welcome*. 

Melanie Pullen has compiled a collection of hundreds of photographs inspired by the LAPDs Coroner's Office files of vintage crime scenes. Drawn to the dark stories and compelling events preserved in these criminal records she began staging High Fashion Crime Scenes in which her "victims" are outfitted in current Haute Couture. High Fashion design houses including: Prada, Bvlgari, Gucci and Chanel have donated clothing to the shoots.

Melanie's series High Fashion Crime Scenes was recently published by Nazraeli Press and is currently available in bookstores worldwide. For more gruesome images please visit

*Season 8 of America's Next Top Model stole Melanie Pullen's crime scene ideas for their reality TV photoshoot. Melaine is the original artist behind this idea.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double, Double Oil and Trouble

Shallow fashion in Shallow water?

The chillingly beautiful editorial in August 2010 Italian Vogue sent shock waves through the fashion industry and it’s masses of fashion readers.

Steven Meisel’s genius evoked just the emotion it set out to. Sympathy. People have become so apathetic to the problem’s we cause the world that we begin to ignore the reality of our effect on nature. To think Vogue Italia used this tragedy to boost magazine sales is ridiculous. People making these comments want to live in their apathetic safe worlds. Taking the issue to the most popular fashion magazine shoved it in our faces, like it or not, it got us thinking. The images were disgusting, depressing, heartbreaking, chilling, painful and beautiful, and only Italian Vogue had the guts to publish the spread that was shot in Los Angeles. American Vogue avoids controversy like this at all costs proving to be the Bread and Circuses of local fashionistas.

Violent and demanding of your attention the message isn’t a political one, it’s a humanist one. The spread humanizes the disaterous effect the oil spill had on animals in the Gulf Coast so we would start to feel the pain so many experienced. Many Gulf residents viewed the spread as a fair attack on BP.

Kathleen Nowka Tucci of My Sister’s Art told NY Magazine that she did not find the spread offensive. “I though it was disturbing and thought-provoking and utterly fascinating in its interpretation of the struggle for survival…it is controversial and interpretive, which is indicative of great artistic expression”.

Vogue Italia’s editor in chief, Franca Sozzani writes:

“We've all watched in shock as the black tide spread ceaselessly throughout the Gulf of Mexico…In the face of this dramatic, catastrophic stalling, the images of Steven Meisel make up a precious reportage that delivers an artistic impact. Unforgettable images, created purposely to unnerve the viewer, capture the reality of the situation.

And through the sun's rays blackened by carbon, petrol, anthracite and graphite, he depicts our collective dismay. Model Kristen McMenamy becomes the protagonist of a news story, in the style Vogue Italia is known for.”

If you want to actually help, please go to:

or to
and donate to the Audubon Society. 

Vogue Italia the making of Water & Oil

Monday, August 23, 2010

Street Punk Vs. Street Style

Angry, Young and...Rich?

Punk’s not dead, I know, I know. But punk fashion sure is. Punk style has hit the mainstream so hard that Forever21 is selling pre-studded punk-rock-ready-to-wear. Teeny boppers are the one’s buying the studded jackets found in thrift stores that someone sold in exchange for an illegal substance, and a style that once represented an anti-fashion aggressive youth movement has been adopted by the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen.

Selling out subcultures is a major downfall of any fashion house when it’s taken this literally. Using a genre as inspiration is natural, knocking off designs from a street punk is ridiculous. Now we’re seeing fashionistas running around in $800 leather jackets, with strategically dyed acid wash jeans. I’d hate to see what happens if these rich kids run into street kids at a party caught wearing the same outfit! Or would I love it?

 So if you’re in need of fashion advice, don’t just peruse the fresh Fall Catalogues from H&MUrban Outfitters and Forever21…just type a quick “gutter punk” into your Google bar and you’ll have all the fall inspiration you need.

which is which?
no, seriously?

Friday, August 20, 2010

You're So Vain

Incredible Editorial by Ruven Afandor for Italian Elle




How to do a striped gown, right.
Why are Italian Editorial's so genius?